“Michael has consistently shown sensitivity in his work, and it appears that the Muse rests lightly on his shoulder for his work captures the essence of his subjects.”    – DR. MAYA ANGELOU



By way of his career, Collopy developed inquiries around a core commonality he observed in many of his subjects: Courage. Thus, inspiring a new project that focuses on individuals who have displayed bravery through acts of courage. Collopy’s third book highlights that we may see courage where others do not, and invites the readers to question their own perceptions of what courage means. (Coming in 2020) 

Architects of Peace

Inspired by Mother Teresa, Collopy sought greater purpose in his ability to influence social change through photography. He discovered an opportunity to illuminate the peace work of his subjects through a second book. Architects of Peace exemplifies that no matter your circumstances or accomplishments, everyone can be a peacemaker. (2000)

Works of Love are Works of Peace 

In his first book, Collopy highlights the far-reaching work of Mother Teresa of Calcutta and the Missionaries of Charity. Works of Love are Works of Peace serves as a reminder that small acts of love can foster peace and joy. Collopy’s photographs personify her Missionaries’ apostolic work, delivering an “illustrated prayer book” for the masses. (1996)

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